H4 drop box with H1b expiring soon


I have H1b VISA from Employer A till 20 Aug 2016. Employer B applied for H1 transfer but at that time I was in India and petition got approved with consular processing. Before petition was approved I traveled for Employer A. Now as I want to join Employer B, I have traveled with my spouse to India for stamping.

Now new Employer says they will process my VISA first then only my spouse VISA. But I want to get it processed simultaneously as we need to travel as soon as possible.

My new Employer had generated Drop box confirmation letter for me and I have generated drop box confirmation from my spouse.

Can I apply for my spouse VISA with my current VISA copy (which expires on 20Aug2016) and new I797 which is valid for one year. Would she face any problem with stamping.

My Drop box VISA application will also be getting processed simultaneously.

Please if anyone can answer quickly as I dont have much time to take decision.