H4 Drop Box Appointment medical Emergency


Had filled up DS-160, Paid the visa fee and trying to get the drop box appointment in India for past 2 weeks without any luck.

Due to medical emergency back home any suggestion on how to expediate the process to get the drop box appointment in India?

While filling up the DS-160 we had selected Mumbai as our location. When scheduling the appointment, it shows all 5 US consulate in Drop Box. If we select any other location in India do, we need to fill up the new DS-160 for the selected location?


No need to update DS160, you can go to any other consulate.

Thanks Kalpesh for the clarification on Ds-160. Glad to know no need to change DS-160.

On the expediate appointment it doesn’t say anything about Drop box appointment. So believe we need to follow the mentioned process for Drop box appointment as well.