H4 Dependents visa travel

Recently I did my H1 Transfer in USA and got approved

My family and kids are in India, now I am planning to bring my wife and kids to USA, My Wife and Kids have their H4 Dependent visas with my former employer and are valid till July 2019, they never traveled to USA earlier.

Can you please suggest does my wife and kids can travel to USA from India with their existing visa stamped approvals, with my existing employer details or do they need to go again for stamping with my new employer, after coming here what is the process after July 2019?

They do not need to go to visa stamping again. They can travel with the H4 stamp done with old employer as long as the visa stamp is valid. They will need to carry copies of your current valid New Employer’s approval notice and other documents like your I-94 payslips, etc.

Thanks Kumar for the clarification.