H4 Dependent visa


I have approved H1B visa Oct 2015 but not stamped yet, As Looking for project

But now my wife got conceive,Am little tensed now So will it impact on stamping

  1. Do I need to go alone for mine H1B stamping first?

  2. Wife should go for H4 Visa stamping after delivery or she can go while pregnancy

Please help me, What should i do,If during between 9th months i got project and company send for stamping then how should i go…Please show me the way to proceed. I had already one son 6 year old whom stamping also need to be done.


Pregnancy will impact the stamping only if VO feels that the wife’s medical needs will put a burden on the state. However, if the employer provides insurance coverage that covers dependents then it should be covered.

If she is pregnant and you have to appear for stamping, you can appear together. Carry information on what insurance coverage employer provides just in case VO asks. If you go together, the major focus will remain on your H-1, and her H-4 visa would become tangential.

Also, depending upon how late into pregnancy she is, you may have to delay your travel plans.

I am planning to travel after baby delivery only,1) But can wife ,I and my son go for stamping before baby delivery.
what documents need to required if we go stamping if wife pregnant.

  1. then how to process h4 visa new baby born also.

What your suggestion do we need to go stamping with 1 or 2 option

  1. Me, wife and son before baby delivery
  2. Me,wife,son & new born baby.

Please suggest.

Unless you have a reason to travel earlier, you all can go for stamping together (#2).

Your kids will be exempted from personal appearance and you can carry their passports for stamping. But you and your wife have to appear in person.