H4 Dependent Stamping - Dropbox with I797 if H1 is in India and Stamping not yet done

Hi Friends, I have dropbox appointment one day before my spouse’s(H4) appointment. Will it be a problem since i’m going just one day before than my spouse(H4). In that case, For my spouse, I797 copies and my appointment confirmation is enough for dropbox or do i need to get the stamped passport and then need to book new appointment for my spouse?
Please help me.

Thanks in advance

Just the copy of your H1B I-797 with other H4 supporting documents may be okay for your spouse. Note that her application may not be processed until your visa is approved. At most H4 may receive a 221g requesting copy of your H1B visa stamp in which case it may just delay her stamping.
Ideally you guys should take appointment at same date/time so the applications are processed as a family.