H4 denied urgent

Hi ,

I am on h4 visa but my visa got denied and mtr as well due to non attending biometrics.

please find the sequence below:

I94 : Admit date : 08/20/2019
1st H4 Extn + H1B Extn Applied on 06/21/2019
No Receipt/Bio metric received to home/Attorney address
2nd H4 Extn + H1B Applied on 04/05/2020 (Due to H1B expiry on 06/05/2020)
H4 Denial Notice Received on 05/11/2020
H1B Approved till 06/05/2023
MTR Filed (I290B) 07/08/2020
MTR Denial email Received : 08/19/2020

  1. After H4/MTR Denial how to proceed further and your suggestions ?

  2. How many days can I still legally stay in USA?

  3. Will I face any BAN or rejections in case If I travel for H4 stamping in India ?

4 Will I face POE issues after stamping ?

  1. Any other issues you could foresee ?