H4 COS and H4 EAD delay

Hi ,

I had filed my COS in Aug 2020 for h4 and h4 ead. It’s almost going to be 12 month and we haven’t got any updates on it. Has anybody got any update on it. My processing center is Nebraska . I am in h1 , Also I m planning to leave my job due to personal reason. Is it ok to leave the job when Cos is in progress?

Did you ever get biometric appointment ? Note that USCIS got rid of biometric effective 17th May this year however because you had applied last year, I would think USCIS should have sent you biometric appointment letter.

Yes you may leave your job while COS is in progress. You will be in a period of authorized status and your status will be pending COS.

What is the effective start date you requested on the H1B to H4 COS application?

No biometric appointment yet.

I m not aware of the effective start date but I had got a receipt notice for aug 25 2020