H4 Child work eligibility

I am on H1B visa with I-140 approved and want to know if H4 dependent child who is 15 years of age can take part time employment during weekends without EAD or not.

I checked with my child employer and they mentioned they can work as contractor as long as child have ssn/itin.

Attorney mentioned you can apply for child EAD but USCIS site says they issue EAD for dependent starting 16 years of age and under 21 years but online forum gives mixed response.

Please suggest if anyone has faced similar situation.

Do you apply?
I am confused about what should be an eligible category.
bard.google.com says we can apply under C(

Only H4 spouse can work with an approved EAD card. H4 child cannot do paid work as they aren’t eligible for EAD. They may volunteer or work without pay for gaining experience if the employer allows unpaid work.