H4 Child Dropbox - Eligibility India

I am On h1b and my visa got expired on Aug30 2019.
I got the new I-797(in June 2019) valid from Aug 31st 2019 till june 2022.
My daughter is on H4 and her H4 approval is still pending(no premium for h4)

We need to go to india and when i was trying to take the visa interview appointment it said i am eligible for dropbox.
I added my Daughter as dependent but now i have the following doubts

  1. As my daughter is 12 years old and parents does not have a valid visa stamped on the passport , is she still eligible for dropbox
  2. As her h4 visa is not yet approved and she does not have a I-797 , is she eligible for dropbox?
    In the confirmation page i saw
    "photocopy of current I-797(applicable for H1,h4, L1 individual and L2)

Please help.

  1. It does not matter. If they are under 14 years of age, they are automatically eligible for dropbox. Check : https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp
  2. Yes. In general, you do NOT need H4 approval to go for stamping. You need H1B approval of the parent. So, your H1B approval is good enough.

Do share your child and your experience after you are done here for community benefit.