H4 can travel with stamping when H1B changed his employer


I am holding H1B visa and my wife is in H4. My kid and wife are in India and they have H4 visa stamped. Now i am planning to change my employer. Can they still travel during the visa transfer process or even my petition is approved. Should they need to go for stamping one more time before traveling to US with my new I797?

Will you be working for old employer or new employer? Are they in same city or different locations?

going to work with new employer. They are in a different city. What is the difference between when its in the same city or a different city?

If you will join the new employer, then she should travel only after your petition has been approved. She cannot show transfer receipt as that wouldn’t tell PoE till what date I-94 needs to be issued for.

I don’t remember why I asked about different locations, but thinking about it now, locations shouldn’t matter.