H4 -Can port of entry for H4 is different than H1 visa holder


I just have a question on port of entry for H4 visa holder. Can H4 visa holder have different port of entry than H1 visa holder. Since my wife is coming first time so she will be coming with her friend at different port of entry than mine.

Please suggest.

Yes, POE can be different.

Please read this post and vote: Please vote for this petition. - H1B Visa - RedBus2US Community

I would recommend to enter at the same PoE at least if its the first entry. She may still be allowed entry but she may be asked why she is traveling to a different city. H-4 is a family reunion visa and assumption is that everyone will travel to same city.

If she has already booked flights from that PoE to your city, then she should keep those handy.