H4 approval pending. Travel on cards

Hi, i am an h4. My husband is on h1 with a recently approved petition till next 2 years. My approval is pending with biometrics done. Now we plan to fly India in November. My visa expires in October. Can i travel based on the approved petition of my husband?

Is your H4 Application pending a COS or Extension ? If it is COS, your travel out of US will abandon the COS… In general, to travel out, it does not matter, what you need is valid visa to re-enter. So, if you want to re-enter US, you need H4 stamping to be done to re-enter on H4. You can also read Travel out with H4 Pending with USCIS - Options

Thank you for your reply sir. My h4 extension is pending. You said a valid visa is required to re enter. My question is will my stamping be done based on my husband’s valid visa?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can H4 stamping with your spouse’s H1B approval. You maybe eligible for H4 Dropbox as well. Read recent H4 dropbox with Appointment experience