H4 appointment with passport due for renewal


I am on H1 and currently working in US. My fiance’s passport expires on 6th July 2013. We are getting married on 12th May 2013. My H1 visa stamping appointment is on 9th May 2013. I declared myself as single in my DS-160. Few questions on her H4 appointment:

  1. She will be renewing her passport in 3 weeks or so. I doubt if we can schedule a H4 appointment before her passport is renewed. Please confirm.

  2. We were planning to travel back to US in June’2013. For that we were hoping to get the H4 appointment date near 23rd May 2013. Would it be too late to get a date around late May’2013 if we start looking in mid March?

  3. What would be her marital status when she submits her DS-160 in March 2013? Will it have any conflicts as in my DS-160 I have declared myself as single.

  4. We are planning to schedule the H4 appointment in Chennai. Are we supposed to take 2 appointments - one for document submission at OFC and the other for the interview?

Any help here is much appreciated.


Your wife cannot apply for a US visa on her current passport, as it is less than 6 months away from expiry. You have two choices

	She immediately applies for a new passport.

	She applies for a new passport after 12th May. In the new passport, you will be added under spouse name and she can also change her surname.

Starting from bottom

	Q4. Yes, there are two appointments, but OFC is not for document submission, it is for finger printing and photo.

	Q3. The day you submit DS-160, you have to put the marital status as of that day. So, your fiance can put married status on or after 12th May 2013.

	Q2. Cannot predict.

	Q1. Doesn't make sense, as she cannot apply for VISA on current passport

The simplest way to proceed would be

	You carry on as planned for yourself. Get your H1 stamped. Since your interview date is before marriage date, your marital status will be same as what you have given in your DS-160.

	After 12th May, the first thing to do is get marriage certificate.

	Your wife applies for a new passport.

	Then she applies for H4.

Steps 3 and 4 may take time, so she may not be able to accompany you in June.

Thanks for the detailed response. It really helps. We are planning to initiate her passport renewal process in a week. In that case we can start looking for H4 appointment dates sometime in late May. In doing so we will be submitting her DS-160 in March. At that point her marital status is Single. Would that create any conflicts? Thanks again.

If your fiance is getting a new passport in Feb/March, then my suggestion would be

	You carry on as planned for yourself.

	Fill up DS-160, don't submit it. Submit it on 12th May. In that way, nothing on that application is incorrect.

	Immediately, try to book her appointment. Make sure you'll have your marriage certificate ready by her interview date.

If you are lucky, may be both of you can travel together.

Someone more knowledgeable can comment whether its ok to submit DS-160, and book appointment before actual marriage.