H4 Appointment booked . Passport name changed.

My spouse is going to attend her first H4 interview in chennai . I found both given name and surname is printed on given name section of her passport and surname section is blank.
I filled DS-160 by entering FNU in surname section and booked an interview slot.
Later she went to RPO and corrected this mistake. Now she got a new passport with given name and surname on right fields. I have to fill new ds-160 since the passport number has been changed. My queries are
1. In DS-160 there is a section called “Other names used”. Do I have to mention her old passport name here? (Old passport:FNU, First Name Surname)(New Passport: First Name , Surname)

  1. Would there be an issue while going for OFC and updating the profile with new ds-160? Since passport number has been changed and there is a small discrepancy in name.