H4 applicant DS 160 and Visa Application for Drop Box when they have their own I 797 A document


My Wife and Kid got their own I 797 A approval documents, They are going for Visa Drop box and I have below questions on DS 160 and visa Application filling.

IN DS -160 "

  1. We select the visa category as H1 and specify as SPOUSE OF AN H (H4)/CHILD OF AN H (H4)
    Question: What should I fill in “Principal Applicant Name” and “Application Receipt Number” for my wife and kid DS-160 document?

IN Visa Application:

  1. I Created an account for my wife and started the visa application.

    a) What should in fill in the
    “Principal Applicant’s Name”
    “Principal Applicant’s Visa Class”
    “Petitioner’s Name” (in my wife and kid I 797 A document there no Petitioner
    name mentioned)
    “Receipt Number”
    b) Can i add my kid as dependent into my wife application ? (if I fill my kids
    DS_160 with her own I797 A number)

       c) If Ans to above question is no then i need to create a new login for my kid to fill the Visa Application?

It is very confusing as this is the first time i am filling the drop box applications for them.

Thanks in advance,