H4 and H1 COS Question - Plan to travel on H4 but have an approved H1

I am currently holding H4 and my H1 is approved, though am working in India right now I plan to resign and move to US on H4 and then file COS. I have few questions which I mentioned below I would appreciate if you can answer them in detail,
a) If I travel on h4 and file COS to H1, would I have to remain on H4 status for two months till I start working? Is it a legal obligation for me to switch to H1?
b) Ideally my employer, who happens to be a consultant has to find a job for me, however I am not confident about he finding a job for me. Is there a possibly for me to change employer and find a direct job? If yes what would be the process to transfer my H1?
c) Is there a possibility for my employer to cancel my H1 in any case without my knowledge?
d) My aim is to not be without job for long so I want to put a well thought step and I am confused about procedure to follow to get a job and start working and my consultant seems to be ill informed about it and has not shared my H1 documents yet.
I would appreciate your reply at the earliest

  1. You will remain on H-4 status until COS is approved. From COS effective date, you have to work on H-1 and start getting paid.

  2. Yes, this is possible. You can find a new employer and ask them to file H-1 transfer + COS for you. If your status is still H-4 then no payslips are required, just a copy of previous approval notice.

  3. Yes, they can withdraw the H-1 petition w/o letting you know. It is still possible to do (2) in this case.

  4. At least get the copy of the approval notice from your employer. If not, know the receipt number for your petition and keep a copy of online status. Once you enter US on H-4, you can do #2.