H4 (221g) Dropbox to Interview after Regular operations - Options?


Due to an family emergency earlier this month spouse on H4 travelled to India. She was eligible for an dropbox and she have completed the necessary dropbox appointment submissions, however her status was changed to Refused and the passport was returned back. Along with the passport we have received the 221g form with an request to appear for Consular Interview with an clause “After We have resumed regular operations

Can some one guide in the right direction?

If it was pre-covid, one could walkin to the consulate on the specified days and time on the form and complete the interview process. Can the same process be followed now too?

And do we need to go to the same consulate where we completed our Dropbox submission. i.e. Our Dropbox location was Chennai, can we go for consular interview to Hyderabad?

Greatly appreciate all the help.

No, it does not work like that now.
If you were given a letter to attend the interview, you need to wait for the regular operations to be opened.
That one you need to clarify, if you can go to different consulate now. Write to consulate on the same and get it confirmed. Technically, should be yes, but better safe than sorry. Do update what they respond.

It is a difficult situation for you and many who are like you with the COVID and 221g. Stay positive.