H4 221g Administrative Processing


Hi Saurabh,

I applied for the H4 visa and my interview was on the 14th of September 2017.

Before this, I had visited the USA on my B1/B2 visa in March 2016 (for a month), August 2016 (for a month), November 2016 (was going to stay for a couple of weeks, but stayed for 6 months as my wife was working on her opt), July 2017 (2 months).

My wife and I officially got married on 9th April 2017 in Las Vegas.

Later on in May, her H1B got selected in the lottery. It got approved in August 2017.

My interview went absolutely fine. She asked me what my wife did in the USA (she is a dentist), looked at the marriage certificate, looked at the vegas wedding album, asked if there was no indian ceremony, i said no because we did not have any in Vegas. Asked me what i did etc etc, told her i worked in microfinance, she said she had read the book etc on it and seemed quite impressed as she did not know a lot of people in india who did microfinance.

Towards the end the VO asked me - “did you stay in the USA for 6 months?”, i gave the reason. Then asked me “Were you ever separately questioned at the CBP?” - i said yes, in July, the CBP office grilled me for half an hour as she was not able to understand why did i stay in the US for 6 months. Maybe she thought i was working illegally, which I wasnt.

Then she gave me a yellow slip 221g which said “administrative processing” and retained my passport while saying “I’am gonna keep this as it should not take long, you keep the yellow slip with you and get it along we need more documents or need to call you in” then i think she said “dont think we would need to do that”

Then i told her that my return flight was booked for 22nd September, so should i cancel it? “she said someone will call me and let me know if they require me to change the plans and she would be working on the case this week.”

Then i asked her “it should be fine right?”, she said “ya ya”

Its been over 3 weeks now, but no information from the consulate. ceac status still says “administrative processing”

case created : 13th September (strange and my interview was 14th September)

Case last updated : 14th September (interview date)

Any idea what might be going on?


Which consulate ?

My wife also got admin processing when see went for h4 stamping in july . Immediately i dropped the email to consulate and in 1-2 day i got response ‘need to appear’ as person . My wife went directly to consulate as only after fingerprints her visa got approved