Attended H1B visa interview six months back and got 221G blue slip with additional documents request. My employer were not able to provide the client contract documents. So found new job and applied for H1 transfer and got the approval. Now I want to know what is the process for visa stamping?

  1. Do I need to send email to consulate for withdrawn the previous 221G issued visa stamping petition before I go for interview? or not required?

  2. What consulate VO will ask in this scenario? What will be the approval rate for this scenario?

  3. It require to attend interview for same consulate location?

Please help me on this

As responded in comments,

  1. You do not have to do anything, assuming you did not give your passport to consulate. If you read the blue slip on the bottom, it says, if you do not respond within certain period of time, it will expire.
    2.Every case is different, you need to defend based on the merits of your current petition.
  2. Not necessarily, changing consulate will not really change the decision, all of them use the same system…