H1b withdrawn.can i do h1b-h1b transfer with new employer?

My h1b got approved in 2008-2011, and i went back to my home country in 2008 may after applying for h1b , fortunately it got approved but icouldn’t come back to US. So, ihavent gto it stamped or used even for a single day or not even took a paystub on it. But i came in 2012 on h4 status. now that i foun a new employer to transfer my h1 , iwould like to go further. MY old employer has withdrawn my h1b. So my questions are1()().Is it possible for me to apply for h1-h1 transfer?.2.If possible how many years i will get my h1b for?.do i need to refile my h1 and then proceed for h1 b transfer?.thnaks you.

  1. Yes, you can go for cap-exempt - basically its a transfer.

  2. Number of years you will get H1 is upto the USCIS and Visa Officer.

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