H1B withdrawl in the RFE state

Can anybody help me out in answering the below question…

    My attorney is asking for the expert opinion of my education to respond to RFE and they say it would cost me another $1000 to $1500 plus their attorney fees of $750 to $850 and my employer is not ready to spend.Also the attorney says that the chance of getting thru is only 60% because of client letter.

I do not want to waste another 2400 dollars for responding to RFE.( Already I have paid the full amount for H1B filing)

[b]Please advise what should I do.[/b]

Also in case if I don't respond to RFE I know it is going to be Rejected.

Instead of getting rejected I would rather withdraw.I believe if I ask the attorney to withdraw my application they will ask for money.How to avoid that?

Can I withdraw by myself.

I am in a confused state.Can you please advise.