H1B Withdrawl- impact on existing approved L1 Petition

Hi, I had applied for my H1B through my prospective employer this year but my application could not meed deadline.

Meantime, my current employer had filed for my L1 visa and its approved this week.

Today I suddenly received notification from my old prospective company lawyer about my case being filed again and he also sent me application receipt( believe me, I was not aware if will be filed again for next year)

I dont want to go ahead with my H1 petiotion and had asked old prospective employer not to follow up on that.

Will this create any trouble for my existing approved L1 visa?

My old prospective employer might ask about payment fees, how can I handle this situation?

Thanks for your help in advance.

No, this will not affect your current L-1 status.

Your questions regarding the payment of fees is unclear.

The H-1 fees need to be paid by the employer. They cannot ask for those from you, although they can ask for attorney fees and any premium processing fees (if they paid that).