H1b withdrawal by employer - Grace Period Options

Hello ,

My H1B is approved this year 2019 through my employer and he wants to withdraw my h1b now because i am not having project and want to save my h1b.

  1. If he withdraws now can I transfer my h1b to other employer B.
  2. Should i option to F1? How much time will be there if he withdraws my h1b now.
  3. Can I be able to get my status on F1 back or should i transfer to employer B be in that case how much time will it take ?
  4. What will be other options if my transfer is deny?


  1. Yes, you can.
  2. You will usually get 60 days, if there is job loss. Read H1B Grace Period Rules
  3. I am not sure, how you can go back to F1, unless you have an admit from school and your school starts now…
  4. Well, anyone in future can apply for H1B Transfer as you had H1B status…but being in US, it may be tough, if you do not have a role…