H1B with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Visa Approved. My experience in detail
Date : Feb 8th 2023 (Bio metric) Feb 10th 2023 (Interview – Mobile and Bag locker available but with me my parent came so I kept things with them.)
Time : Bio Metric – 9:00 AM and Interview – 9:00 AM
Bio metric duration : 2 mins
Interview duration : 5 mins (waiting time 90 mins)
Documents I carried : Passport, Appointment confirmation, DS160, i129, i797(only photocopy), LCA, Employer Offer letter, All experience certificates and academic certificate photo copies, client offer letter
Documents they asked : Passport
About VO : Young officer counter 16
Questions Asked :blush: before I greeted with Very good morning officer and he greeted me back very good morning, sir than I itself passed my passport for that he said thank you

Who is your employer – answered
What is your expected salary – answered
What is your employer location - answered
What is your highest qualification - answered
No questions asked other than this and he took 1 minute and finally said your visa approved :slight_smile:

Some suggestion:
Be confident and calm.
Please reach as early as possible
Know about your employer and client (name, location, no of employees and business)
Read your roles and responsibilities
Go through all your documents
All the best
Thanks to this group I have read all previous experience and got lot of confidence to get the things done thanks to admin :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: