H1b Visa with Business Bachelor and IT work experience

HI There!!!

I arrived in US in 2014 to pursue my MBA, i am just a semester away and on working on an internship on my CPT through a consultancy. My employer is working on filing H1b petition for me this year. I have my Bachelors degree in business as well majoring in marketing but i got into Telecom IT since my graduation. I have 6+ years of IT experience now and pursuing my MBA in specializing in MIS and Business Analytics. Additionally, i have couple of IT training certifications. But, like i said i will be graduating this year, i was wondering if this is gonna be a good time to apply for the H1b since i haven’t finished my degree yet and i don’t have a computer sc. educational background. Moreover, do i need my educational and experience credentials to be evaluated before i file the petition?

I am preparing my papers but i am still confused about it. Please suggest if anyone have any advice for me.


If you haven’t graduated by April 1 then employer can file in non-Masters cap using your precious education and experience.

If you graduate by April 1 then they can file in Masters cap.