H1B Visa validity expired , can i transfer that visa to another company? and I-797B lost

Hi Folks,

I have few questions,

  1. I had my H1b visa stamped with validity june 2012 to june 2013. I have never traveled to USA during that period. After that i have switched to another company. Now i want to transfer my H1B petition to this company and get visa stamped. Is this possible ?

  2. I have lost my I-797B original document,but i have scanned copy of I-797B. what are the documents needed to get duplicate copy of I-797B ? will this send to my old employer or the new address will be given by me ? How much duration it takes ?

  3. Can i apply for H1B transfer with out I-797B original document, because i have a soft copy

Please help me



  1. Yes

  2. You don’t need to get original 797B. Beside it will be sent to old employer and not you. If you really want to get it, then look up FOIA.

  3. Copy should be fine. Even if you had the original, still a copy had to be submitted to USCIS.

Thanks for your response. One more doubt, my first petition approved on 2012 So technically up to 2018 am eligible as cap exemption. If I get new petition by tranfering the old petition new company I can be there in US up to 2018 or another 6 years from new petition? Hope I conveyed correctly

You get 6 years to work in US. It includes only the time spent inside US. Employers can continue to file extensions and cap-exempt petitions until those 6 years have been exhausted. Also, these 6 years doesn’t need to be in single stretch.