H1B Visa under cap exempt approved - Interview


I had a H1B Visa (filed by Employer A) approved in 2012 cap which I did not use at all and it got expired.
Fortunately now Employer B has filed cap exempt and got the Petition approved with 3 years validity (2013 - 2016).

My Visa interview is scheduled in the next 10 days and following are my questions?

  1. In the Visa Interview, can I face a question by Visa Officer about not using my previous H1B Visa

  2. If Yes, what could be a valid answer that you would suggest ?

  3. The current Employer B has given me an in house project. I do not have a client letter. I am worried if “in house project” causes problem for my Visa. I am in an impression that client letter has more weightage than an in house project. Please clarify.

  4. I would b joining that company B directly in US. So can I expect some questions regarding new employment ?