H1B Visa Transfer

I have applied for H1B visa tranfer. I got the receipt confirmation from USCIS on March 7, 2015. Still my status didn’t change. I have already resigned to my previous company. They revoked my H1B. I would like to know how long it will take for H1B premium visa transfer process. Is it fine to join the new company with out the approval.


If you get the H1B petition(transfer) receipt notice (I-797: Notice of action), you can start working with your new employer. You dont need to wait till the final approval of the petition.

I am planning to join my new employer next week but.Just wondering what if the transfer gets rejected.

Is your Visa approved now? was it applied in premium or normal?

Interestingly someone down voted my answer… is there anything that I can learn to correct my answer if its incorrect?