H1B VISA Transfer without PayStubs

Hi, I am in US from past 3 months without status (Without paystubs). Well, I would like to have my visa transferred to new employer (mostly by consulate filing). Well, I have go out from US and reenter with new I-94 with new employer. To complete this process, I would like to go back to India and come back to US again with my new employer stamping.My Question is: To get the visa stamping, do I need to appear for Counselor interview or I can use dropbox for my new visa stamping? Please let me know.

consult with good attorney. i dont think so you need new I-94. just get the good staffing firm who is willing to transfer your h1b without project on hand.

I found the employer but since I dont have pay stubs, my new employer is suggesting me to leave the country and reenter again. Well, I do have good project with my new employer.

Yes, visa stamping is consular processing so you have apply with DS-160 at US embassy in India and book finger test and interview time slot.

I was told some other sources that I can use dropbox for the transfer processing because my current visa is not expired. However, I got the joining date in a month and visa transfer processing is still not completed as I got RFE. If it is 100% sure that I need to attend for the interview, it would be better I leave this opportunity and look for another after paystubs. Please suggest. Thanks for your prompt updates and help. Appreciate it.

lets see how your employer is going to get RFE clear. if you can really manage payslips, there are companies who can get you on their H1B and do resume marketing. if you are in need of any such options, do let me know, I am IT Recruitment Manger and try to plug you with companies to whom you can negotiate your terms. simply avoid going back to India if possible.

Sure, I will definitely get in touch with you once I see any disturbances from USCIS. Please drop me your email. Thanks in advance. Will keep you posted on updates.

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