H1B visa Transfer with out amendment

Hi Team,I am current holding h1b with company A having lca with my company address, Current I am working with the client X without LCA and amendment from Feb 2016, Now I would to like transfer my H1B to company B to work with the client Y. Is there any problem by doing the transfer without LCA and amendment filed, What are the issues going to face in my situation. I came to USA on 26-oct-2015.

  1. Can I do the H1B transfer without amendment-receipt notice. only with USCIS petition.

  2. Do I need to inform to my new company that my lca and amendment not yet done.

  3. What is the possibility of getting RFE from USCIS and how the USCIS knows that my LCA and amendment not filed.

  4. If My H1B transfer got denied, Can I continue to work with my old employer without any issues.

  5. My employer is located in NE state and I am currently working with the client in NJ and staying in NJ only, Is there any issue If I give my current address as NJ address for H1B Transfer because as per USCIS I am working in NE only right.