H1B Visa transfer while in India without travelling to US

I have a valid H1B Visa stamped this year. But the company that stamped my VISA does not have any openings in the US. I am planning to change company.

  1. Can I transfer my petition without travelling to US?

  2. Once the petition has been transfered to new employer. Do I need to go for restamping? or can I travel to US with Old stamp and new petition?

  3. If the answer is yes to the first question then Is there a chance of getting RFE because I never travelled to US and I am trying to transfer petition while in India?

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  1. Yes.

  2. You can use the old visa stamp and the new approved petition from your new employer. But some times the new employer may want their company’s name on the visa stamp, in that case they might just ask you to go for stamping again. But there is no harm in travelling with old stamp and new petition.

  3. RFE for this reason should not come up.