H1B Visa Transfer Questions ............


Here is my situation:

- currently on F-1 visa, with a valid OPT until 11/30/2013
- approved H1B with my current employer A, starting 10/01/2013

I got a job offer from a company B and they want to start the H1B transfer asap.

1. Are there any issues if I transfer the H1B before October 1st?

2. When should I let my current employer know that I am joining another company? 

a) Now? 
b) After I get the receipt notice of the H1 filed by company B?
c) After I get the approved H1B with company B?

3. If I am not going to inform employer A at this point about me joining company B, how do I get the experience letter from them? Is that something which is absolutely required for H1B transfer?

All inputs are greatly appreciated.
  1. Not b/c of this reason

  2. Who are you working for currently on OPT? If A, then you should plan to join B soon after informing A so that you can continue working on OPT. If you are confident about B’s approval then you can inform them either after the receipt number or after the actual approval. If you are not so sure about B’s approval then its better to wait until the actual approval notice

  3. It is not required for the purpose of H-1 transfer. You still need to show A’s payslips to demonstrate that you are maintaining legal status in US.