H1B Visa Transfer from India - Used visa for 3 years , options for transfer or fresh h1b

Hello Expats,
I have used 3 years of my H1B visa with cognizant and currently in India from 1 year due to personal reasons. Now I want to move to US but I don’t see Cognizant filing my cap exempt petition in near future.
1]what if I initiate a transfer of my h1b to a consultancy and if it gets denied ?
2]what if transfer is approved and will the stamping might be a concern/risk or rejected?
will cognizant get to know that i initiated a transfer?
if any of above things happen, will it have any impact when cognizant files the extension after sometime?

besides all these what if i file a fresh h1b petition with my consultancy keeping aside the old h1b with cognizant which has 3 more years for max out?

if i get new h1b picked in lottery , will it have max out of 3 years as i have been there on my old h1b as non immigrant for 3 years already.

please answer