H1B Visa Transfer from India (I94 expired)

Hi, I have a question regarding my H1B visa.

Here are the approved petition details and my period of stay in US.

Initial Petition – 10/2013 – 05/2016. But stayed in US for 6 months out of 2 years 7 months in that.
Applied extension in Apr’16 and got approved petition for 3 years, valid from 05/2016 till 05/2019. Stayed in US for 1 year 2 months out of 3 years in that.
Applied for extension in Apr’19, received Denied notification from USCIS (because Position is not a specialty occupation) in Sep’19 and returned from US.

I am planning to join to a new employer by April’20.

Since I stayed in US for just close to 2 years out of 6 years, I would like to file a H1 transfer and use my unused time with my new employer in India. Is that possible?



Can someone please help me with the above query? Thanks in advance.