H1B visa transfer for a Full time employee position when LCA is in progress for the same client with my employer?

My h1b visa LCA is in progress and not approved yet for the new client with my employer. Can i do the h1B transfer to the same client as full time employer? Will the same LCA be applicable for this too?

I am worried that my LCA is in progress state for almost 3 months now,

Note: I cannot expect my employer to process my LCA in premium processing since premium processing wont be available for next 6 months.

Please help

There is no premium processing for LCA. LCA generally takes 7 business days to be approved. I believe you are confused LCA with some other document.

In regards to your H1 petition, you can always transfer your visa whenever you want to, there is no restriction.

Every employer has to file a new LCA before filing the H1b petition.