H1b visa transfer denied - Urgent help needed!

Hi everyone,

I need help from all the members. My H1B transfer is denied for lack of Employer-employee relationship. A precise explanation of my situation is given below:

Started working with Company A in Nov 2014. I was laid off in Jan 2016, and I joined Company B in Feb 2016. My current employer is a consultancy firm, so the link is Employer (Consultancy firm) - Vendor - Client. My client does not give employment letter, I tried sending the pictures of my id card etc but nothing helped. And now my h1b transfer is denied.

My employer is considering filing a MTR, and looking for another client in the meantime. But if I somehow convince my client for the letter will the MTR succeed? (I have heard most MTR claims fail!) Also if I change my employer (join Company C) and approach the same client but this time with proper documents will my transfer be smooth.

Please can anyone guide me, any help is highly appreciated.

When does your I-94 expire? If it has already expired, then you should leave US and continue finding new employment from outside US.

Employer-employee relationship is a broader term. Do you know what exactly went wrong? Did USCIS feel that your employer doesn’t have control over your tasks at the client site (one of the biggest issue with EVC model)?