H1B visa transfer -- any legal problems with old consultancy ?

Hi Saurabh,
I got H1 from consultancy 'X' for 2013. Had approved petition but stamping is not yet done. Now, I am planning to transfer my h1 to consultancy 'Y'. Currently I am in India.

1. Will ‘X’ get to know about my transfer by any means except by my intimation?
2. Will ‘X’ create any legal problems about my transfer?
3. After getting transferred to 'Y', what if ‘X’ cancels my original petition ? will be my transferred petition valid? 



  1. No, they won’t know about it

  2. No, as they won’t know about it. Once you resign from them, they may have certain exit policies you will have to hop through

  3. Yes, Y’s petition will still remain valid