H1B Visa through consultancy, client interview after US entry

I have been offered to work on H1B visa by a big IT consultancy/staffing firm. My case has already been approved for 2017, and I am planning to go for Visa Stamping soon.

My H1B sponsor,as per their process will arrange interviews with clients only upon my arrivals in US, in other words I will not be assigned to any project when I enter US. My question is , will it be an issue for the port of entry interview, or it will be an issue for the visa stamping itself?

As trend of H1B through consultancies (including small desi ones) has flourished in recent times, so I assume my situation is not so uncommon, however I am not able to find much help on internet. Any help is highly appreciated!!

When applying H-1, employer would have submitted a letter to USCIS explaining why they are hiring you and what your job duties would be. Do you know what was mentioned in it?

The burden of having client/project when appearing for stamping or entering US, is more on the applicants through small consulting companies than larger ones. Not saying that it is never asked from big employer’s candidates, but the chances are low.

The government agencies need to be convinced that you would be paid salary as per the LCA when inside US on H-1. In case of small companies who do not have cash buffers, this means having a project is a must as then the applicant would become billable and will earn revenue for them.

So folks have gone for stamping or entered US successfully even w/o a project, but it all comes down to specific case.

Thanks a lot Saurabh, for your answer. So, at the POE I-94 interview, if the officer asks me about who is your client, given that you are not a direct hire ( as he would already understand by learning the name of my employer) ,what my answer should be?

In cases like this, does it just depend on the wisdom and luck of the candidate? Or, it’s an acceptable answer that, my employer has working relationship with many organization,and once I join them , my deployment will be done?

What is mentioned in the letter your employer sent to USCIS? Also, what your prepared response had this been asked during visa stamping?