H1B visa status is RFE for over 100days, why is it not changed yet

I received RFE on 30th June 2015, its been over 100 days, status is still showing as RFE. Not sure whether my attorney submitted required RFE documents. How long will this status remains same? what happens if RFE documents are not submitted?

Please let me know if you have any idea.



Please check with your petitioner whether they have responded to RFE

Check w/ attorney when response was filed. They need to respond to it within 60 or 90 days (not sure which).

Even i have the same issue,i asked my petitioner and they were saying it was submitted one month back
but still getting the same status as RFE
i am bit worried on this,is it fine to have this status for long

Even my case is same.Did you visa got approved now?