H1b visa status if worked for 1.5 years from March2007 till Sept2008

I was in US on H1b from Mar2007 till Sep 2008 and then on L1 visa from Nov2010 till June2011…

Someone told since ur H1b stay was 1.5 years approx, it can be extended for another 4.5 years even in 2013?

My thinking was since my H1b petition was in 2006 and thus in any case this should get expired by 2012 (2006+6 years of h1b) and thus even if i have stayed 1.5 years, this doesn’t matter and I have to apply a new petition subjected to new yearly caps of every year…

Please help me is this possible to renew my leftover 4.5 years of 2006 h1b visa?

Thanks in advance


You can spend at most 6 years inside US on H-1 and L-1 in US. So you will get 6 years minus time spent inside US on H-1 minus time spent inside US on L-1.

The cap-exempt H-1 petition should be filed within 6 years of Sep 2008.