H1b visa status "Case was received"


I applied for 2015 H1B visa.I got the lottery result in May 2015 only.Since then the visa status in USCIS shows "Case was received"status till now.My petition was submitted as “Regular” case.As it is already 21st September,I am really worried why the case is not yet moved forward.I checked with my consultancy.They said that they are still waiting for USCIS to update them.

Please advise if anyone of you are/were on the same boat and if your case got approved recently from case was received status?Is there still hope for me to get my visa approved?

Thanks in advance.

There is a long wait time for regular H1 petitions. I would not be surprised if they open your file post October 1. But rest assured if they have accepted your application they will work on it.

Thanks Ankit.Hoping for the best.