H1B Visa Stamping


I have question on consulate for stamping. My wife h4 got converted to H1B. We initially got RFE and the application got approved after that on 30th Oct. We got the I797B with I94 and I797B has consulate as Hyderabad. So just wanted to check if we can go for stamping other then Hyderabad as Mexico/Canada as we are in USA right now.

Your response if highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



For first time stamping it is strongly suggested to go to the home country. It is ok to go to CA or MX when you have done your first stamping.

She may still plan to go to CA or MX, but she holds the risk of being sent back from consulate if they decide that home country is better suited for the 1st stamping.

BTW, you mentioned her 797 has an I-94 attached. If so, then her COS is approved and she is already on H-1 status and no immediate stamping is required.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the reply. My bad, 797 is without I94 (not with i94) and thats why we are going for stamping.