H1B Visa Stamping without salary slips

I had a H1B visa from 2010 of which I had utilized only one year (in the US). After one year of working (in the US), I came back to India. Since then I have been in India. In 2015, I found a new US employer and my potential employer filed a fresh petition in the cap exempt category and we have received an approval of I129, which means that that USCIS has approved my petition for a new H1B.

I have to go for stamping in India now.

Because of personal issues, I was not in a regular job since 2012. Since I do not have salary slips in India, is there a possibility thet the VISA OFFICER might reject my stamping?

How can I strengthen my case so that I can prove to the visa officer that I was genuinely going through a personal issue (divorce) and because of which I was not able to be in a regular job.

Any suggestions and advice will be really helpful.


You mean you were not working when you were in India? That does not matter. Just be honest if they you’ll be fine.

Thats right. Im not working in India in a full time job. Isnt it necessary that I need to have paystubs for H1B stamping at the consulate?

Evidence of continued employment in home country is an L-1 visa requirement, not for H-1B. You will be okay.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu

Thank You Dr Shankar. What should my response be IN CASE the VO asks me for evidence of continued employment

Just answer with full facts exactly as stated here.

You were either employed or unemployed and it does not matter. A question will be asked as to how you kept up your skill level current when not working. Answer this with confidence.