H1B visa stamping with one month payslip


I initially came to USA in H4 visa in Jan 2013 , later in few months I filled for H1B visa this year 2013 through some small employer , which got approved.

Legaly I am allowed to work from 1 oct 2013, I am still searching for jobs,but my problem is I need to travel to India on 1st Dec 2013. So,if I visit India I need to get the visa stamping done in India for reflecting H1 status.Assuming if I get project by Nov 2013, will the one month pay slip do for approval of visa stamping or is at a high risk of visa getting rejected.As far as I know the employer will generate the pay slip from Oct , even in that case will these number of payslip do or is it like 3 monthly pay slips should be present.

Also not sure wheather the chances of visa getting approved are high.

Please help me or advice for the right option.

They will check for your valid status from OCT 2013. you should run payslips from oct .

Thank you for the response. So just the october and november payslip should be good enough for approval.Please let me know, thanks!

If all other documents are in order then you should not have problem. but no one can guarantee 100% stamping. stamping will depend on: client, employer, your records etc.