H1B visa stamping while H1B ammendment is in progress


I work with employer ‘A’ and started with them in Jan 2012 (petition is valid till Dec 2014). Due to change in my designation, they filed for H1B ammendment in July 2012 (also asked for approval til June 2015).

I am visiting India in January and have to get the stamping done. Current H1B ammendment got the RFE, so just want to check if I can get stamping based on my existing H1B approval document (valid from Jan 2012-Dec 2014)?

Thanks for your help in advance


Either is possible.

Do you not have the H-1 visa stamp in your passport? Wondering how you entered US to work for A.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your input. I have H1B visa stamping but got expired in OCT 2012. I came to US in 2010 with different employer. A is my current employer.