H1B VIsa Stamping while Amendment is in Progress


I came to US on my H4 visa on 2014 and later in 2015 I moved to H1B Visa while I was in USA.

After joining in the Job I have changed my client and the location too. So My Employer filed a New LCA and H1 Amendment on May.

Due to some Reasons I have planned to goto India in Aug, and I am not sure whether I’ll get my Amendment confirmation by the time or not as now a days it is taking lot more time to process.

So now the Question If I goto INDIA I have to goto H1BStamping.

Is is Ok if I take the H1B Amendment Receipt and old H1b document for the stamping ?

Or DO I Have to wait for my H1B Amendment Completion.?

Thanks you so much for your answers. It will be a lot helpful for preparing.

I’m also in same situation and my amendment filed on april and i have travel plan in Novemeber. If my amendment is pending for approval or moves to RFE even during my stamping time (november) , will it be a problem ? I have a valid h1b petition till 2019.

Hi Amrapali,

I came across your question here. I am also in the same situation. Could you please update me about your stamping. How did it go through. It would be really great if you can share your stamping experience. Thanks a lot.

Hi Amrapali,

Please share your experience with the stamping in India . I want to go to India urgently but I also have to go for Stamping in India. I have the H1b amendment receipt and my H1b petition is valid till April 2018.

Hi Velu! Can you please update what happened in your case?

Hi Ankit! Can you please update what happened in your case?