h1b visa stamping, unable to travel to US

Hi All,

I am in a sticky situation and need your advice as to what will be the best way to go ahead.

My situation - I left my job with a big four[company 1] as I was laid off on Oct 2016 and joined a consultancy[company 2] who agreed to transfer my H1b. I was in US till Nov 2016 but had to come back to India to attend my marriage (I still didn’t have H1B documents with me as the process was incomplete and I was told that the consultancy[company 2] would file it soon). I gave many client interviews in the meantime and cracked one of them which led to the commencement of my h1b transfer process(now my case was upgraded to a premium one from the consultancy [company 2]).

After all that I got another job opportunity from a leading US accounting firm[company 3] and accepted their offer in Jan 2017 (while the H1B transfer was still in process from my consultancy [company 2]). Now there was a background check call done from accounting firm [company 3] to consultancy [company 2] and somehow they came to know that I am joining that accounting firm [company 3] and leaving the consultancy[company 2] soon.

Now the consultancy [company 2] has withdrawn my petition for h1b transfer and I am in India ignorant about my h1b status. The catch here is that accounting firm[company 3] is willing to transfer my h1b but they want my drug test / fingerprint scan and other biomedical checks to be done before the h1b transfer process starts in the US.

My question is -

  1. How can I travel to US now within 2 - 3 weeks time period to complete my drug test / biomedical checks on behalf of the auditing firm[company 3] so that my h1b transfer kicks off. (I don’t have my H1b stamping on my passport as I was earlier on F-1 visa and got selected in the H1b lottery last year, status changed from F1 - H1b on Oct 1,2016)

  2. Now that the consultancy firm[company 2] has withdrawn my petition before being completed, will my h1b status still be valid for a transfer to the auditing firm [company 3].

  3. Is there any other better way to tackle this situation as I am stuck in India for an indefinite period.

Thanks a lot in advance,