H1B Visa Stamping, stuck in Application received for more than a month


I submitted my passport at VFS Global Bengaluru on 25th May for Chennai Consulate Visa Appointment. Its been more than a month that my Visa Status is still Application Received. Usually it takes 7 to 10 business day but in my case its still not come. How to escalate as I dont know why its getting delayed ? Helpdesk says its under processig at embassy and cannot help.



Have you got your passports ?

I submitted my passport at Chennai location on 27th May…And it says “application received” and case last updated as 5th July. Can anyone please share your experiences ?

Not received yet. My case is also same it says Last updated on July5th but status is still same Application Received.

Did you get your Passport Issued?

I am sailing on the same boat. Passport submitted on 27th May in Chennai VAC, Application received status changed on 2nd June 2022. After one month, the status got updated on 5th July 2022 but no progress after. Anyone has similar experience? What best options we have to connect with US Consulate directly to get the application moving?

I got my passport status changed to Issued on 11th July and got it delivered on 12th July.