H1B Visa Stamping questions - Subsidiary vs main Group Company ? Titles Change


Hope things are going well. I have scheduled my visa stamping in next few days and have few questions regarding that. When my petition was approved , I was working as a Business Analyst. Last month, I was promoted to Senior Business Analyst with an increase in salary. But there was no substantial change in job duties and so did not make any amendments. For the visa stamping, i used the updated title, salary information on DS 160.

1)When the officer asks for salary and title information during interview, I will be telling them the latest title/salary which will differ from what is in the approved petition. Please let me know if this is right path to take

  1. Regarding employer name, while I was working in OPT my employer name is different from what was used in H1B petition. The name in petition is an entity within the main parent company that was used during my OPT application. The company has provided me with documents to explain how the H1B entity is consolidated under the main company name used for F1 students. When asked during the interview , should i say that I will be working for the main company name or the entity name listed on H1B petition. The main company name is well known MNC whereas the entity name is just used internally in my company, so not sure if the officer would recognize it.


If there are not much changes in the job duties, it should be fine. But, I would suggest you speak to your attorney and verify, if it requires an amendment or not… Take his feedback and then reply accordingly.

You should tell the name of the company that you are working with and that is on your petition. If asked, you share the details on the group and everything…Only, if needed you share all the details. Stick to what the letters say and approval notices say…You can say, “I work for XYX subsidiary, that is part of the group ABC”…So that they are aware of your entity and the bigger group.