H1B Visa Stamping Query


I’m having approved I797B form & approval date was 22/Dec/2016. Now, I & my US based employer started filling DS-160 form & assume that I may apply for visa stamping date in between 10-12 Feb 2017 @ Mumbai Visa Consulate.

Now, As US President Mr. Donald Trump has started taking some strict decisions (using all bill under process) for non-immigrants, such as ban of 7 muslim countries to enter into US for 90 days & many more under pipeline, I would like to know whether is this the right time to apply my h1b visa stamping or I should wait for the right time? Recent news states that trump administration will increase H1B holder wage level from typical 60K US$ to 1.30K US$ (Double the salary…;…!!). So, who is going to pay such a doubled amount for H1B holder…??

As discussed with my friends/relatives in USA, March/April is the best time to enter into US to find out new opportunities as market gets open in a new fiscal year. Considering this situation, I must say that I’ve plenty of time to apply for visa stamping, but still would like to invite all expert opinions to put their reviews for my H1B Case.

Hundreds of H1B Approved candidates have same question in mind so resolving my query will be applicable to all of them. So, please guide & respond genuinely.

Non Immigrants, specifically H1B candidates are totally in a dilemma situation whether to apply for visa stamping or not. If visa get stamped successfully, what will be their future in USA…!!!

Also, I’ve heard that USCIS has started scrutinizing all approved H1B cases again & asking more questions during VO interview, although I’ve all genuine & justified immigration docs (Means no forgery made) but still expert opinion is must.

Please read the front page article of the rebus2us blog. it may help clear things up for you. Nothing has changed as of now, all the news in the media are speculations.